About Us

Drum Cafe is one the world’s leading Team Building
and Corporate Events Companies.

The Drum Cafe was started in Johannesburg in 1996 by Warren Lieberman. It started as an actual Cafe where drumming was used in a relaxed environment to break down barriers, inspire people and bring people together. Moved by the experience of communal drumming in Africa, and the passion to unite different groups of people together in South Africa’s post apartheid era, Warren Liebermann developed a global team building and entertainment program along with leading motivational speakers, team builders and Africa’s top drummers.

The result 12 years later is a unique yet relevant program used by many of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide. “Drumming is something everyone, and every culture can relate to,” explains Warren. “The first thing you hear when you come into this world is the beat of your mother’s heartbeat. Drumming relaxes, energizes and motivates in a way most team building companies cannot explain.”

Warren Liebermann has personally worked with world leaders including, Nelson MandelaBill ClintonGeorge Bush and Tony Blair. As well as corporate leaders such as Virgin’s Richard Branson. In South Africa, most of the prominent companies have used the Drum Cafe for various events. And now around the globe you can find a Drum Cafe servicing just about every corner of the world.

Remaining true to its origins: Interactive Drumming
Connecting people to work towards common goals

While the Drum Cafe has expanded it retains its humble origins. It is about connecting people and building teams through Interactive Drumming. The focus is not on the company’s facilitators, but rather on the audience. Warren is the pioneer of interactive drumming. Warren elaborates, “Each individual is important to the group. The Drum Cafe’s interactive drumming allows everyone to feel motivated and rewarded because their involvement contributes to the success. Groups can achieve so much more. They can create “music” in every way if they work efficiently together.”

Powerful Moving Performances
The Drum Cafe works with the best local artists and the finest international performers. The Drum Cafe has performed alongside Peter GabrielAnnie Lennoxand performed for Nicole Kidman and Paris Hilton, to name a few.

The Heart of Africa
Warren Liebermann’s Drum Cafe remains one of the most significant organizations dedicated to promoting authentic African music to the world. The Drum Cafe has embarked on a range of projects aimed at preserving and protecting the South African heritage, including the Drum Cafe Book, Traditional Music of South Africa and the Drum Cafe’s Traditional African Orchestra. The Drum Cafe has fast established itself as the authority on traditional South African and African music. There’s also the launch of a drum museum, and various original music CD compilations. Drum Cafe’s drums are hand made the way they have been done for centuries.

“We have astounded audiences by transforming groups into percussive orchestras within minutes. We are also one of Southern Africa’s leading entertainment agencies and have access to the richest talent in Southern Africa and the artistic expertise and eye to match the perfect event or performance to your needs,” adds Warren

Drum Cafe has been featured in press worldwide. Or to find out more about the company’s services or offices in your area, please visit the company’s regional websites.