Why Drum?

The drum is an ancient tool of communication and community building. In Africa and in many other cultures around the world, before any major tribal decision is made, the community gathers together at the centre of the village to make music. This joyous making of music breaks down barriers and creates a sense of unity, thus enabling communities to become more effective in their decision-making.
A business is a community and the value of a united community is priceless. Drumming in a group will build your team, enhance togetherness and improve group dynamics.

Benefits of Drumming

It promotes unity and team-building
Music is a universal language. Interactive drumming breaks down barriers of hierarchy, age, gender, culture and language. Drumming is a great ice-breaker, and is an effective way to get a diverse group of people communicating, listening to one another and working together as a team to create music. It evokes togetherness and leaves participants with a sense of belonging.

It leaves the group stimulated, relaxed and more receptive
Participants quickly reach an ALPHA state, which enhances focus and clarity. Drumming is therefore ideal during long coferences – to revitalize and refocus participants between presentations or before speeches or awards. Drumming relieves stress – when you hit the drum you are placed squarely in the here and now.

It sparks creativity
Participants are taught to stop thinking and start feeling the rhythm! Left and right brain are used simultaneously. This promotes creative or ‘out-the-box’ thinking.

Learning and insight
The analogy between the orchestra and the team provides great insight. Participants learn through the musical experience just how important it is to collaborate and listen to one another. They also learn the value of their own individual contribution within the context of the team.

The ‘fun’ aspect of a Drum Cafe event is completely infectious: even the most reserved or cynical member of the team will be smiling and beating away on his or her drum by the end of the event. Interactive drumming with the Drum Cafe is a real celebration!

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Why choose drumming for your company?

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, there are many other good reasons to choose drumming for your company:

Drumming doesn’t need to interrupt your work day too much – it takes only an hour. The positive effects are immediate and long-lasting. We can come to you in the morning at 8am and be out of there by 9am! We guarantee an invigorating start to the day. Or, finish your day slightly early, and an hour later, your group will have bonded and will emerge on a high!

The drum is the most accessible instrument for non-musicians. Drumming requires no talent, aptitude or physical ability – just a sense of fun! Since we spend 9 months of our lives 6 inches away from our mother’s beating heart, the beat of the drum is in all of us.

A Drum Cafe event is easy to organize and hassle free. We have outstanding administrative staff and offices around the globe. In addition, the drumming is designed to take place wherever you are holding your event. We come to you with drums for everyone (from small groups to groups of thousands) and can set up where it’s convenient. All you need to provide is chairs.

The experience of drumming in a group is unique, and it leaves an impression. People are sure to go home talking about how their corporate group was Interactive drumming is an inexpensive activity, in comparison with other teambuilding and entertainment options.
Drumming is simply the most powerful tool for team-building and the most exciting form of entertainment for companies.

The philosophy behind the Drum Cafe’s drum circle

The Drum Cafe’s drum circle is based on two key principles which create successful group dynamics: everyone plays the same bass rhythm; and everyone listens to one another.
By following these principles the Drum Cafe is able to build a non-competitive community and to convey the message that everyone in the group is striving to achieve the same goal – to make music that is harmonious.

As participants beat their own drums and hear the rhythm of the group change and develop, they realize that they are playing a specific, important role within the group. They directly experience the power of group energy and understand that they are united by a common goal. The significance of communication and listening is highlighted through the experience of creating music together.

What happens at an interactive drumming event?

FIRST – We break down the barriers
We use drumming as a gathering call and welcome delegates to the meeting. We use music to establish a universal dialogue, and quickly bring participants into an environment that transcends the spoken word. This allows participants to relate to one another and bridges the professional, functional and personal gaps that may exist in the organization.
Participants readily become involved in the drumming, turning the tables from the expected environment of ‘spectator’ / ‘performer’ to an interactive environment where the lines between spectator and performer become merged. Collaboration and teamwork become evident as the group moves from disharmony to harmony.

Then we align the group…
As the group starts to play to one common beat, we replicate the concept of alignment to a common purpose, mission, vision and values. There is an emphasis on the unified whole, the shared ‘pulse’ or ‘beat’ of the company.

…Explore the diversity within the group.
Through the music, we recognize and show appreciation of diversity within the group. We allow different members of the group to showcase their individuality, exploring how individual talents and skills can be combined to deliver a harmonious, synergistic result. The analogy within the corporate context is the recognition of each individual’s unique contribution to the organisation’s goals. We also emphasise the role of leadership within the group environment by encouraging leaders to contribute, support, listen and allow others to participate.

AND FINALLY – We close off with a celebration
This leaves participants feeling exuberant, energized and proud of their achievement – individually and as a group.

Note : We can combine the interactive drumming with ‘boomwhacking’, which is a wonderful follow-on from drumming as it introduces melody. Boomwhackers are brightly coloured plastic tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes. When hit on the hand, each different coloured boom-whacker produces a different tone. The facilitators split the group up according to colour of boom-whacker, and then give each group a different rhythm to play. These intertwining rhythms come together to produce a melodious musical composition and the group is taught to make music as one.