Conference Energiser

Interactive drumming is a great way to wake delegates up, break the ice and create a relaxed, enthusiastic and focussed atmosphere for a conference . We have been told many times that the level of focus after drumming is the best a CEO has ever seen after a keynote speech. A focussed and positive audience is GOLD for conference organisers and we promise to deliver that to you.

Team Training

Our Team Training events are about using the power of the metaphor to create insights around working together . We use drumming as the basis for learning , to teach teams about how they collaborate, communicate and lead. The events can be highly customized for a specific message or learning.

After Dinner Speaker

Your clients have seen it all … give them something completely different that will create a magic atmosphere . It breaks the ice like nothing else and we have seen delegates literally grabbing their phones to call and tell people about what they just experienced… an orchestra of 300 drums after dinner is a powerful spectacle

Full Stage Show Entertainment

Our performances can be one or two musicians at the entrance to an event or a full stage show with a cast of 20 and full sound and lighting rig… We have created huge stage shows for product launches for the likes of Miss World , the Olympic Games and at Wembley stadium.

Incentive Event Entertainment

When there is a massive expense , involving international travel , Incentive events must be impressive , fun AND relevant. They must create an atmosphere of celebration for being part of the company but also be personally interesting for the participants….. the relevance is that they remind the audience about unity and community.

Product Launch

We create an event that matches the enthusiasm the company has for this new product… innovative , energetic and powerful. There is no limit to what we can do including elements like Fire , Water , lighting and a huge stage show … We are very very experienced in events (over 40,000) so lets get together and present you with some ideas.

Breakout event

The breakout event is up to 3 hours long and involves splitting the group into different sections . The goal here is a more intimate event, creating powerful learning about teamwork and collaboration . There is also an element of competition that is playfully included to generate passion and pride in ones team. The breakout event has become our fastest selling product.

Opening Ceremony

If you want to start your conference off with an electric and energizing show , that will focus and excite your audience within minutes , try interactive. This is the best way to get everyone feeling present and relaxed and ready for the big day ahead.

Private Party Entertainment

Our goal is to make your guests go home feeling that was the best party ever… Interesting , fun , exciting and different … When did they last have a jam with 200 other guests and the best drummers in the world.. We can include music from any country in the world and make the Party one to remember

Stadium or Large Concert Entertainment

Drum Cafe have a long history of delivering massive Stadium Events… From Wembley for the Live Earth opening piece, to Mandelas Concert in the Park, to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing and the Soccer World Cup in Johannesburg… We can create a massive stage show and even do interactive music for an audience of up to 20,000.

Drum Workshops for Schools

Drum Cafe create interactive events for everybody… Teachers students and even parents . The beauty of a Drum Cafe event is that in this modern world of separation between age groups we have founds something that both groups find “cool” … Drumming is popular with teenagers and teachers and creates a powerful moment of unity for the whole school

Keynote Speaker

We believe deeply in what we do and Drum Cafe have a talk that we have delivered at over 6 TEDx events around the world. The talk is about communities needing physical group activities to bond them , about how tech can get us away from true connection , about how UBUNTU, or the power of community in people is what heals us and makes us feel happy… Drumming is not only fun , it also makes a lot of sense .

Company Roadshows

Drum Cafe have years of experience in creating dynamic and exciting Company Road Shows. We can design a bespoke event that creates both drama and theatre as well as an underlying message which fits in with the spirit of the event . Whether it be a roll out of a product launch or a Company Merger the dynamic event we create will energise the audience and leave a powerful message of Unity and connection with the company . Company Road show entertainment ideas UK

Boomwhacker Events

Boomwhackers are plastic tubes tuned in the pentatonic scale. Both as an addition to our drumming and as a standalone event, Boomwhackers are both intriguing to participate in and fun to watch. By giving every delegate a boomwhacker, for between 10 and 10,000 people, we transform the audience into one massive musical instrument. Has to be seen to be believed.

Year End Party or Christmas Party

End the year off on a high note with an interactive drumming workshop that unites and connects your whole team. Whether its for 20 or 2000 people, our interactive sessions create an atmosphere of celebration and unity that is the idea event entertainment idea. Contact us to find out about our huge range of party entertainment ideas .